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An unpaid item notification is sent when buyers don't pay for items they've bought or won. Not paying for the item results in violation of eBay’s Unpaid Item Policy, and eBay may record this on the buyer’s account. However, sometimes a buyer may receive an unpaid item notification despite having paid for the item. This can be removed if:

  • We're provided with proof of payment. ot
  • We're provided with proof that the seller excused the buyer from their obligation.
  • The seller removes the unpaid item themselves.

eBay accepts any of the following as proof of payment:

  • Email communication between you and the seller.
  • A copy of payment confirmation from PaisaPay or other payment service, such as a confirmation of payment email.
  • If the seller left you positive Feedback for the transaction, send us an email including the item number so that we can verify the feedback.
  • If the seller excused you from the transaction, send us a copy of the email.

You can submit your appeal with email evidence through the online Unpaid Item Bidder Appeal form.

Learn more about Appealing Unpaid Items and Suspensions.

For more information, check our detailed selling tutorial here.

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