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All eBay sellers have selling limits to help ensure a safer and consistent experience for all eBay members. In certain instances, eBay may place limits on accounts or on particular categories and items until we can confirm certain information and/or you establish a positive selling history.

You can request a limit increase through My eBay or your Seller Dashboard, or through your Account Manager.

Some important information about requesting a selling limit increase:

  • eBay reviews accounts periodically and will automatically increase your limit based on your current selling performance.
  • Limits can only be increased every 30 days. If your limit has been changed in the last 30 days, please continue selling within your current selling limits.
  • Before being eligible for your first limit increase, you need to establish 45 days of selling history. This demonstrates that you’re creating positive experiences for your buyers.
  • If your account is not up to eBay Seller Performance standards, you will not be eligible for a selling limit increase.

Please note that selling account limits don't apply to the following listing categories:

  • Business & Industrial
  • Motor Vehicles (except for Parts & Accessories)
  • Real Estate

Learn more about how eBay selling limits work.

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