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If you weren't able to sell your item the first time, you may want to relist it. If your buyer didn't pay, if you cancel the transaction, or if you end your listing early, you can offer an item for sale again by relisting it. If the item sells the second time you list it, you could qualify for an insertion fee credit.

If your item didn't sell the first time, you might want to come up with a different title, lower the starting price, or add a more detailed item description.

To relist an item:

  • Go to "My eBay"
  • Click the "Sell" link
  • Locate the listing in the "Sold" or "Unsold" section.
  • To the right of the listing, choose "Relist" from the drop-down menu.

We automatically issue an insertion fee credit to your account if your relisting qualifies; you don't have to request it. When your item sells after the relisting, the credit is posted to your seller's account.

Learn more about Relisting Your Item.

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