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Here's how to find items you're selling or have sold.

Finding items you're selling

Listings are generally searchable and viewable on eBay within 36 hours. If you still can't find the item you listed, you should:

  • Find the listing and check for errors in the listing title. Revise it if you need to.
  • Go to Seller Hub or My eBay > All selling. Make sure your listing is active and not saved as a draft.
  • Make sure your item is allowed on eBay. If we removed it, we'll have sent you an email that explains the issue.

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Finding items you've sold

You have two options depending on the tool you use:

  • If you use Seller Hub, check your Listings and Orders to see listings from any 90-day period. You can use the Status and Period menus to see items you sold during a specific time period, as well as those awaiting payment or shipping.
  • If you use My eBay, check your Sell section to see all of your listings that ended in the last 60 days. In your Sold section, select the Period drop-down menu to see items you sold during a specific time period.

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