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In certain situations, you might qualify for a fee credit for an item that didn't sell or that the buyer didn't pay for.

Final value fee credit

You’ll be charged a final value fee even if you don’t complete the sale with the buyer. However, you may be eligible for a final value fee credit. To qualify for a credit, you’ll need to do one of the following:

If you qualify for a final value fee credit, it’ll be credited to your account automatically after the unpaid item case has been resolved or the order has been canceled.
Insertion fee credit Normally the insertion fees aren't refundable. However, you might qualify for an insertion fee credit for an auction-style listing when:
  • The buyer didn't pay
  • You canceled the order
  • You ended a listing early
If your listing ends with an unsold or unpaid item, you can relist it. You'll be charged another insertion fee, but it'll be credited back to your account automatically if the item sells after being relisted.You'll receive a credit only for insertion fees when relisting. If you added optional features to your original listing, such as a subtitle or displaying the title in bold, you'll be charged for those upgrades again when you relist.

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