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Sellers are charged two basic fees when listing an item on eBay. There are other fees for optional features like listing upgrades and an eBay Shop subscription. Goods & Services Tax (GST) is applicable on the total eBay invoice amount.

Insertion fee

  • Charged when you create a listing
  • Sellers receive a number of free listings per month, depending on the type of account they have
  • Based on the item's starting or reserve price, the listing format, and category, though exclusions apply for some categories

Final value fee

  • Charged when your item is sold
  • Based on what the buyer paid, including shipping and handling
  • Sellers are charged a final value fee when an item sells. If a sale isn't completed with a buyer, a final value fee will still apply. However, sellers may be eligible for a final value fee credit in this case.
  • Sellers pay a final value fee even if the insertion fee was free
PaisaPay Facility Fees
  • Charged only when the item is sold, and the payment is processed through PaisaPay
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) as per Indian Income Tax laws are also applicable on these fees

Other fees

  • Additional fees apply for listing upgrades such as reserve price or listing in two categories
  • Sellers who have an eBay Store can choose to add custom duration or bold text to listings for an additional fee
  • Sellers pay listing upgrade fees even if the item doesn't sell
  • Monthly subscription fees apply for eBay Store packages, which give sellers access to more free listings and lower final value fees

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