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Refund timelines differ depending on the reason for refund:

Unconfirmed order: In cases when the money is debited from your account, but you do not receive an order confirmation the money is refunded within 24-72 hours by our team to the original mode of payment.

Order not shipped by seller (auto refund in 3 days): In case such cases the refund will be sent to your original mode of payment within 3-5 working days. 

eBay Guarantee Claims: For eBay Guarantee claims the refund is sent to your original mode of payment within 6-8 working days after approval. In certain cases, eBay may refund you with eBay coupons. These coupons will be sent to email ID registered on your account within 15-20 days of approval. 

Sometimes our team may need additional time to process your refund depending on the complexity of the case. Do get in touch with us if you do not receive your refund even after the timelines above. 

Note: Refunds are not credited to your account on bank holidays and weekends. 

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