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As a seller you would be intimated to start KYC verification when eBay has remitted more than Indian Rs. 30,000/- through PaisaPay Facility. 

You are required to submit :
a) Valid photo Proof of Identity (POI) for the bank account name as mentioned in PaisaPay registration and 

b) Valid Proof of Address (POA) for eBay registration.

c) Copy of valid PAN Card in addition to POI.

You would be able to list items and receive remittances during this time.

Sellers who have received more than Indian Rs. 50,000/- through PaisaPay Facility and have not completed KYC, are required to complete additional verification (KYC). Their remittances will be kept on hold until KYC verification is complete. 

Know more about the KYC Verification.

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