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To be able to sell on eBay India, you need to create a PaisaPay account to receive the amount of your eBay sales.

To register for PaisaPay, you need to provide details that will help link your bank account to your PaisaPay account. The bank must have core banking facility to register with PaisaPay.

Please complete the below steps correctly:

Enter Business Information

  1. Select your business type. Select "Individual" from the drop down, if you do not own a business.
  2. Enter valid PAN information as per name on the account (Mandatory for all sellers)
  3. Enter valid Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) information (Mandatory for all sellers)

Enter Bank information

  1. Select Bank account country
  2. Select Bank account currency
  3. Enter your banks IFSC code (this is mentioned in your bank’s cheque book or you can check online)
  4. Enter your bank name
  5. Enter Bank address
  6. Enter bank beneficiary name (in which the PaisaPay remittance needs to be credited)
  7. Enter Bank account number
  8. Reconfirm Bank account number
  9. Check the and confirm your details, and edit if required.
  10. Click "Register Account and Confirm" to create your account.


Note: Please ensure your bank details, such as name on the account and account number are entered correctly to avoid any issues with your remittance.

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