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All sellers are required to meet our seller standards.

Seller performance is based on:

  • Transaction defect rate
  • Cases closed without seller resolution
  • Late shipment rate

Based on your seller performance in your last evaluation period, you’re in one of these seller levels:

Top Rated Seller
Our best sellers, providing a great experience for customers

  • Top Rated Sellers receive discounts and other benefits
  • Requires that no more than 0.5% of your sales show a defect
  • Requires that no more than 5 transactions indicate late shipment and no more than 0.3% of your items shipped late

Above Standard
Our minimum standard for sellers

  • Requires that no more than 2% of your sales show a defect
  • Requires that no more than 7.0% of your sales shipped late, with 7 or less late shipments

Below Standard
Not meeting our minimum standard for sellers 

  • Your listings will receive lower search placement, and you may have fund holds placed on your account
  • If you don't show an improvement in performance after 90 days, selling limits or restrictions may be placed on your account

You can find your current seller performance level, as well as what your seller level would be if we evaluated you today, in your seller dashboard

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